Secret Code

Secret Code

Slot machine test: secret code

It is mysterious, because the secret code want to be cracked. And it might be worth, because numerous gains, which you can get in this online slot machines hide behind it. If you keep a cool head during the operations and the luck on your side just a little, then good profits should not be impossible. The net entertainment slots puts you in a scenario that is reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. A society has to hide a lot and it is up to you to uncover the dark machinations. With numerous symbols you can do the work. There are also bonus games that can bring additional profits to you take it a whole bar of free spins. Graphic is secret code a true colors which ensures that so quickly not with the slots will be boring you. You can secret code at different online casinos, even in fun mode, however without real money winnings.

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Secret code online game

The motifs in secret code are symbols, which is always something mysterious in the truest sense of the word. The appearance is intended to not be of concern, however, is especially important that you accurately turn these symbols in order. You do not have a direct impact, but good faith is luckily not in the ways at least. Once a row of identical motifs from the left roller appears starting your credit account can prepare for growth.

There are

some conditions but who want to be met in any case. The symbols differ also. A group must have between three and five fields, to throw off profits, but some settle even with two same fields next to each other. It is also important that the series always on line. Twenty pieces form a scaffold on the rolls of secret code. If you put down lines, that minimizes your chances. One reason is to turn off lines, you can reduce the total usage in this way, without however changing the bet per line. Because the usage also determines how high are your potential winnings ever calculated with fixed multipliers.

The slot game symbols in the secret code online slot

Three symbols carved into stone have the lowest values that occur for this but quite frequently. It is different with the three rings. Beginning with the Green seal ring down to the red, which well strikes in a row with five same symbols. The various multipliers you can see code in the "Paytable" by secret.

There you will find also the hourglass, which is one of the symbols, which include from two symbols for profit. After all, the multiplier is then as high as a triple row of the simplest symbol. But still the book with a magnifying glass, the woman and the gentleman who tried to count the secret code to crack.

On reels 2, 3 and 4, the wild symbol can appear on which you can see a rousing confidence guy with knives. Wild replaced as usual other symbols, is but still an expanding wild, that is full spreading on the these reels.

Free games you will receive with the mysterious scatter symbol. During the free spin rounds, profits are also increases with multipliers. If the key symbol on reels 3, 4 and 5, the bonus game is by "secret code" to start.

Slot machines instructions by secret code

It is an open secret, as you can play secret code. Simply go into a slot casino and the slot play in fun mode or real money. To adjust the usage goes in three ways. A you bet level change can, but also the actual value of the coins. In addition, the total usage with the adjustment of the paylines changed number. In the bottom bar, you can see how much money you would currently per round secret code play.

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